Dark Cave

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Dark Cave

Here I am, trapped in a deep dark cave. I know that my end is near. The only light that can be seen is by one tiny lit candle. I rely on this candle only to write my last thoughts for I have now given up hope.

The air is cold and damp. I can hear the sound of running water seeping through the cracks of this dark stone prison. There is very little oxygen now, I feel the air getting thinner and thinner. Wondering if my next breath will be my last.

As the oxygen goes, so does my little candle, and I soon to follow it. I see the evil thick darkness gradually taking over. I weaken with the candle, and as I weaken my senses are becoming much stronger.

The cave is becoming darker and colder. Even the very stone at which I sit could be compared to an ice cube. In this cave there is no softness. Only cold jagged stones and darkness.

Now I’m starting to hear strange sounds. The sounds of thousands chanting and screeching. I see strange figures that appear to be ghosts. I’m sitting here in ah, wondering if this is real or am I hallucinating. One spirit is talking. It’s telling me that I’m going to die.

The candle is beginning to flicker and then it suddenly goes out.


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