A Life Experience Shared – How To Deal With Your Teenager Not Wanting To Go To School

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We really need to listen to our children and trust our motherly intuition.

My daughter was having a lot of anxiety in Junior High and made tons of excuses to skip school.  “my tummy hurts” “I have my period” etc., etc.  Now…… my husband is very outgoing as are his children; an inherited trait I am sure.  So, pulling my daughter out of school was shunned upon in my house.   My daughter, on the other hand, took after her father; very quiet and shy.  Can this affect her schooling? Yes, very much so. 

Anyhow, the situation got worse.  She would walk to my work and I would find her crouched over by my desk sobbing.  This was serious.  We decided to get a professional opinion.  She had a psychologist, a school counsellor and a psychiatrist whereupon she eventually ending up taking anxiety / antidepressant medication.  Just because she is an introvert you ask.  Yes, I pulled her out and gave her a break.  A whole new perspective surfaced.  What a difference my teenage daughter has become! Home schooling has become the “way to go” for her, in more ways than one. Her grades are better now than ever before.  A break from peer pressure, friends, uncomfortable situations, etc.    Imagine how well one can perform once we take away the stress. 

There are so many peer pressures with teenagers these days.  It has become quite the challenge to parent.  Some have a much harder time than others.   Some just do not “bounce back” as well. 

Moral of the story:  sometimes what seems “right” or “the norm” is not always so.  Learn to trust your motherly intuition.

Happy parenting!


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