How To Realize You’re Dating A Control Freak

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Love can be blinding.  Many people can tell if a significant other is starting to show signs of controlling behavior.  Others, however, believe it’s normal or just can’t see the abuse.  Most relationships start out very romantically. Once the person reels in their partner, they begin to test the waters, slowly finding out what they can get away with.  If it goes as far as marriage, then the behavior can speed up and worsen.

Controlling people like to take things fast.  They like to fall in love fast (or have you assume they are). They profess their love after a few weeks and want to spend every waking hour with you.  To make the attachment even worse, they limit who you can see going as far as isolating you from your friends and even your family.  Any phone call or email is screened.  Anger consumes the controlling person when communication happens without their knowledge – even with the supposed unthreatening people in your life.

If just by talking to the opposite sex sets off your significant other, he/she is a controlling person.  This means in your relationship every person becomes a threat in their eyes.  You will be accused of cheating, get the cold shoulder, and be made to feel like the bad guy when in actuality it is them that are accusing you of nothing.  You’ll see outbursts of anger and tantrums.  They will also belittle you so you feel inadequate to talk to the opposite sex.

Controlling people can change through therapy but they rarely do.  If they do, they eventually relapse into their old ways.  These types of relationships are usually unsalvageable and should be ended promptly.  Be sure to listen to friends.  If they are telling you your significant other is controlling and you don’t see it, you are most likely blinded by love.  Take a step back from your relationship and review their behavior.  Always be aware.


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