My Personal UFO Sightings Experience

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It was a warm summer day and I found myself with some friends swimming in the cool creek waters of middle Tennessee. There were four of us and this was an pretty excluded area. The events that would happen later in the day would change my point of view on many things in life. On this day our group would witness an event that we could only describe as unexplainable and perhaps label under UFO sightings.

The four of us were swimming about in the water when all of the sudden a bright glimmer caught my eye. This wasn’t a glimmer from the water or anything on land this was from the air. I looked up and seen what can only be described as a triangular shaped metallic object slowly moving along in the sky at helicopter speeds. It was going way too slow to be any kind of plane but had no rotors or anything that would resemble a helicopter. We ruled out any kind of remote control object because this was obviously the size of an airplane.

The fact that the object really wasn’t all that far off the ground also had a factor in our shock. It took probably a good minute for this “UFO” to leave our line of sight flying off into the sunset. The group was in shock and when we looked at each it was more of a unexplained feeling because for the most part we refused to believe what we had just witnessed that day in the water.


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