How to use Firefox and Google spreadsheet to become the number 1 robber at Travian.

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How to use Firefox and Google spreadsheet to become the number 1 robber at Travian.

Firefox is great for raids. Here I will share with you how to send out raids every hour and how to be sure to empty the village for recourses.

First of all you need to find some inactive players on the server.

For this you can go to these two sites: this one I think is the best for finding inactive players this one I think is best for having an overview of your neighbors.

In the beginning robbing is the only way to get ahead in the lead. So keeping track of your farms will improve your statistics. You must have as a goal to get at least 100 farms.

To keep track of my farms I use google spreadsheet:

I use the spreadsheet because it is easy to sort the farms from different parameters and because it is possible for several users to update at the same time at the spreadsheet. A great tool for dual accounts. Each of my villages has its own sheet (tab) with a list of the 200 closest villages.

In the spreadsheet I make different columns as travel time (make sure to base this on the same unit for each village), name of player, name og village, the time I sent troops last, how many troops to send every hour (if the village is inactive or never have defense) and of course a column for notes.

In the cell with the name of the village I post a direct link to the village in Travian.

For each village I calculate the travel time. It can be very useful if you need to have your troops at home at a specific time. Then you can sort you list of villages after traveltime.

I also make sure to note when I have last send troops to the villages. When sorting the list from that I can easily see if I have not visited a village in the last 5 hours or so.

For the inactive villages I calculate how much resources there are produced in an hour and send troops every hour. I make sure to note this in my spreadsheet in a column.  Then it is easy to sort the list of villages by how many troops I am going to send. For inactive villages I do not link to the village itself but directly to the attack screen. It saves a lot of time when sending raids every hour.

This was a few pointers on how to use Google spreadsheet to keep track on your farms. I am sure that you will quickly find you way of using colors and your own letters to make a better overview at the list.

Now we move on. It is time to save some clicks -> use Firefox for your hourly farms.

*First go to your spreadsheet and sort it from how many troops you are going to send every hour I use clubs.

*Now open all the links (ctrl + cklick) for all the villages that you are sending 2 clubs for.

*In Firefox you go to you bookmark toolbar. You can read more about bookmarking in firefox here:

In the toolbar you right click and make a new folder. Name it 2c (if you are sending clubs).

If you have more than one village you can make folders with your villages coordinates and “number of troops folders” inside these folders. So you know which village to send the troops from.

*All the links you opened from your spreadsheet opened in separate tabs. Now you drag each tab to the folder you made in the bookmark toolbar.

*When all done, close the tabs and now continue by making a folder for 3 clubs and so on.

Here comes the timesaving part.
When you are going to send out your raids you right click on one of your folder and choose “open all tabs”

In a matter of seconds Firefox has opened attack screens for all the villages that you are going to send 2 clubs to. Paste in the number of clubs (2), send the troops, close the tab and move on for the next village.

Keep up the good work for all your inactive farms.

It will take about 3-5 minutes to send raids to about 50 villages. And you now have plenty of time to nurse your villages and attack active players as well.

Good luck at becoming the number 1 robber at Travian


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