Las Vegas job requirements

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In Vegas, you have to do multiple things at one time. They will train you from many fields so that they can rotate you around. For example, if you’re a dealer, they will train you to deal all types of game and not just one game. You will deal Craps, Black Jack, and Poker all throughout your career. They will rotate you around. This is demanding but that’s the nature of the casino.

This is not the case with other work environment in other states. In Vegas, you will be ask to get a game card, a health card, and a TAM card before you can go to work inside the casino. You have to attend a class and get those cards. Each card cost around $100.

If you work in the food industry, it’s also very demanding. In Vegas, they make you serve drinks and then dance on the bar top afterward. You have to serve drinks and food and then dance afterward. This is a special position for those that can dance. There’re servers that only serve and they don’t dance. It’s demanding to ask people to serve drinks or food and then dance. I think it’s too much labor for one day. Why don’t they just hire a professional dancer and then let the server serve food only? If you work in a bar, you have to do a few entertainment tricks like dancing or singing. Johnny Rocket even make their servers dance on the table top after serving food. This is a place where they serve fast food. I think it’s too demanding. This is the nature of Las Vegas. You have to do multiple things at one time.


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