The signs of abuse

If you can recognize the signs of abuse then you can help the person out whether they are your family or friends. People that are in abusive relationships will hide everything from you. They don’t want to tell you because they’re afraid or ashamed. They’re hurt and trapped. They don’t know where to go. If you can help them out you should so that they can have a better life. What are the signs?

They act afraid

When you come up and talk to them they are afraid of you. They can’t look at you when they talk. They crawl into themselves. They can’t get close to you.

They keep everything to themselves

They won’t talk to you. They won’t tell you what’s going on. They rarely talk to anyone. They don’t go out and they don’t have friends either.

They don’t want to talk to you

If you try to talk to them, they will brush it off and they won’t talk to you. They will keep silent. They will be irritated if you try to talk to them.

They have bruises or they cry

Usually physical characteristics will tell you if they have been abused. They would cry out of nowhere or they would have bruises. They look like they haven’t showered or they don’t have new clothing.

They miss work or school

If they’re sad they will miss work or school. They won’t show up on time. They will call in sick often. If they do this frequently, you can ask them if they’re doing ok.

They can’t look at you in the eye

Usually, people that have been abused will have a hard time establishing rapport with other people. They can’t look at you in the eyes. They’re afraid of people. People with a history of abuse can get better with therapy.

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