Talking to your children about school bullying

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School bullying is common nowadays. On the News recently, there were many stories about teenagers committing suicide over bullying. Children don’t know how to handle bullying that well. They haven’t taken a class on problems solving and they don’t talk to parents about those issues often. School bullying is everywhere. Every school has some bullying issues and your children could be affected by it. You should talk about this topic at home with your child. The more they hear about it the more they will be aware of bullying.

Talk about it

When your child starts High School, you can sit down and talk to them about it. You can tell them that High School is a place where bullying can happen. You can tell them what they should do if bullying happens.

Ask your child

You can assess your child for bullying problems. You can ask the child if there’s bullying problems and try to help them with it. If you don’t ask, you won’t know. If you ask your child about it, they will tell you if they have problems. You can also assess for signs of bullying. If they skip classes or if they’re depressed, it could be from bullying.

Talk to school counselors

You should talk to a school counselor if your children are having problems with their classmates. You should demand that they discipline the kids who bullied your child. It’s against the law to bully other grade school students. It’s considered harassment.

Take action

You should take action right away before it’s too late. If you wait until it’s too late, your child could be doing something harmful to themselves. You should call the school and talk to them right away.

Remove the child from school

You can remove the child from a bad school and put them in another school. You can do this if it’s a real bullying problem. Your child doesn’t have to suffer from school bullying.

Stand up for your child

You should take the time to report the problems to the school administration and it’s wrong if the school doesn’t take care of the problems. If your children are young, they need you.


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