How to let go of the past

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Should we let go of the past? I think that we should let go of the past if it’s not important to us anymore. We can learn from our mistakes and move on from there. We are now a better being than when we first started out. Life is not supposed to be perfect and we are on a journey. You should enjoy the ride. You’re not the only one with problems and everyone around you have problems. Some people have worse problems than you do. Letting go of the past could save us a lot of headaches. We can empty our minds and make rooms for new events. If we don’t make a conscious decision to move on, we will be bother by it again and again.

Write Down Your Problems

You can take out a journal and write all of your problems down. Everything that you’re thinking that is from the past. You can make a nice long list. You can write as much about a problem as you can so you will see what really bothers you.

Ask Yourself

You can take a look at each problem and ask yourself if it’s important to you anymore. You can move from problem to problem. If it’s not important you can cross it off. You can ask yourself if it’s true anymore. If it’s not true you can cross it off. You can ask yourself if it was a real event or something you have been pondering about. If it’s not real you can cross it off of your list. If you keep on crossing things off, you can cross off a lot of things from now on and you will have a clearer mind.

Make a Decision To Let Go

Once you have crossed it off your list, you can make a conscious decision to let it go. You can promise yourself that you won’t think about it anymore from now on.

Remind Yourself

If it comes up again, you can remind yourself that it was crossed off of your list and it’s no longer true. You can let begin to let go again.

Remove Yourself

You can remove yourself from the people or situation that gives you a hard time. Once you remove yourself, you will no longer have that problem. For example, if people at a local club bully you, you can quit going to that club and no one else can bully you.


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