How to be more organized

We can always be more organized with our lives. The more we organize the more time we save. It’s important to sit down and plan things out. How would you know what to tackle if you don’t have a plan? A plan keeps us motivated and we can accomplish more in life. A plan tells us what we are missing and what should do next. It’s like having a map when we’re driving to a new place.


You should have a planner so that you will have something to look at daily. You can buy one or make up one. You can use your media phone or email for planning too. You should have one at home, one at work and one online or on your phone just in case you’re not at home.

Daily Schedule

Each day you should have a shcedule made out from the day before. You should fill it up with everything that you want to do. It should be the time you wake up to the time you go to sleep.

Daily Goal

You should have goal for each day. You can ask yourself what you want to accomplish today. For example, today I want to write ten articles. Your goal could be to get to work on time and go home with no car problems. Your goal could be to make $100 more in sales.

Time Management

Time management will save you headaches. The more you can do in lesser time the more you can accomplish. For example, you can change a project that takes two hours to one hour and you will save yourself one hour if it’s without risk. You should assess to see if you can cut down on time for each project. The more time you have the more you can do.

Short Goal

Everyone must have goals. You should write them down to remind yourself of your goals. For example, your short goal is to graduate from college. Your short goal could be to find a boyfriend. Your short goal could be to find a job. Your short goal could be to get married or buy a home.

Long Goal

Everyone must have a long goal again. You should write it down to remind yourself of the long term goal that you need to do. For example, you want to own two homes in the long run. You want to have $200,000 save up for retirement. You want to get a Master’s degree.


You can sit down at the end of the week or at the end of the month to assess your goals and accomplishment. Did you do everything that you wanted to do? Where could you improve? Did you make any mistakes?

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