The 2012 thing

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Ok, so im sure you and everyone else has heard of the supposed end of the world thats supposed to be happening on 21st December 2012 and im sure quite a few people are worried about it. Im not one of them as it is all a load of rubbish in my opinion.

From what I know, all the end of days in 2012 talk is based on the mayan callender. The Mayan’s were an ancient civilisation whom over the years predicted things that actually came true, and their callender stops compleatlly on the 21st December 2012, so people have come to the assumption that on this day that their callender has ended, the world will come to an end aswell.

This is all a load of nonsense, just beacue a callender ends it doesnt mean the world will end. If they had acctually said that the world will end on the certain date then yeah be a little worried but as far as I know, they havent.

There are much bigger things to worry about in this world then a silly civilisation who couldnt be bothered to update their callender. Sure they Mayans predicted alot of things that happend but thats just all coincidental. For instance, I’ll predict that a bus will crash in Austria tomorrow. If that does happen tomorrow would you belive me if I said that the world will end in lets say, Friday next week?

People can make as many predictions as they want as to when the world will end but they will never be right as noone knows when the world will end.


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