Book Review: The Battle of Mogadishu

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In October of 1993, United States military forces in Mogadishu, Somalia, performed a raid in the city in hopes of capturing two advisers to warlord Mohamed Farrah Aidid. The targets were acquired, but during the extraction process multiple complications arose and the situation turned into an all-out battle. U.S. Rangers, Airborne and Delta Force members suddenly found themselves confronting what seemed an entire city of armed individuals. It was as if the entire city was trying to kill the soldiers.

This book is the story of the two days, October 3 and 4, when the Battle of Mogadishu took place. But more than that, this book is told by six of the soldiers themselves about a decade after the events.

As can be expected, the writing here is not the strongest. But these men are not professional writers. Many of them were, and some still are, professional soldiers.

That being said, there is much of interest here. With six different soldiers telling their stories, the reader gets six different points of view of the events from those days.

It wasn’t a pretty picture for the U.S. troops, and the stories provided here show it. There are deaths of friends, nearly unimaginable decisions to be made at the snap of a bullet, civilians to worry about and much, much more.

Fans of military history will want to read this one. “The Battle of Mogadishu” wasn’t written by a journalist or novelist. The soldiers themselves speak here. And that’s what makes this book special.



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