10 Ways to Go Green on the Job

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  1. Pack your lunch in reusable containers, or at least the traditional brown paper bag. Stay away from those plastic bags!
  2. Especially if your office uses tons of paper for printer or faxes, make sure the company buys recycled paper. And try to use both sides of a sheet of paper whenever possible.
  3. Or better yet, try not to use paper at all. Do as much of your work as possible on your computer.
  4. Take a look at the energy settings on your desk computer. Usually those settings can be turned down a notch to help save energy. And don’t forget to turn off your computer at the end of the day!
  5. Walk to work, or ride a bike. That way you don’t even have to start up your car in the morning. Heck, maybe you can talk to your boss and just work from home.
  6. Are you in a coffee club at work? Ask all the members to bring a mug from home. That way no one will have to worry about paper cups.
  7. Even if there’s no aluminum can recycling in your office, you could still set up a collection bag or box yourself. Ask your box if you can set your can collector somewhere near the exit/entrance or next to a garbage can. Then make sure to let the other employees know. Not only are you helping the environment, but often you can sell the cans at a recycling center and make a little money.
  8. Instead of buying new ink cartridges, try having the used ones refilled.
  9. It’s the end of the work day. Make sure to turn off as many lights as possible.
  10. When your company decides to buy new computers, ask your boss about getting laptops instead of those big, heavy desk computers. Laptops tend to use much less energy than the desktop variety.

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