About The Chris Brown & Rihana Thing…

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I don’t think any man has the right to put his hands on a woman, no matter who he is, Chris Brown should do some serious time, and it’s worst because his mother was abused by his step father when he was seven so he knows how much pain it brings to a woman, if T.I. had to go to jail for carrying weapons to protect himself then Chris Brown should go to jail for putting his hands on a woman and Rihana I know she loves Chris But she needs to leave him because it’s only going to get worst and next time she probably won’t be able to testify because she may no longer be here. Now just think Chris Choked her until she was unconscious and when he saw that she was he left her there, he probably thought she was dead and left now what if she was dead then what would happen, it shouldn’t matter if she forgives him he still should go to jail for the simple fact that he put his hands on a woman, that boy needs some serious help and I truly hope that his career is damaged good.

My mother says that some woman love to get mistreated by their man because it makes them feel loved but I don’t understand how that can be when their beating on them, how does that show love?

And I understand that he’s kind of cute but why are people taking his side when he’s the one doing the abusing, people are attacking her and she’s the one in pain, young girls are so crazy saying that she got what was coming to her and that Chris Brown is their man, no woman deserve to be treated in that way and you stupid girls need to shut up, it’s clear that he has a problem and if he did it to Rihana who’s one of the biggest celebrities then what makes you think he won’t hurt you.

Don’t let his cuteness fool you that boy got problems and he said he ain’t no monster,hell yeah he is why would u do that to someone that your suppose to love, I don’t know what that means to ya’ll but to me that’s a sign of a monster,Chris Brown fans don’t hate on me because of what I’m saying because you got to think about it,how would u feel if he hit u,u would be tryin to lock him up won’t u-he wouldn’t be so cute to ya’ll then would he,I like his songs but he hit a woman,he needs to do time.


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