Guide to finding good books for cheap

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Reading is definitely an important way to tap into the limitless knowledge vault. While book lovers would like to have their favorite books at their fingertips whenever they feel like to, it would be uneconomical and probably impossible to buy all books that pique your interest. Fortunately, there are ways to balance between your craving for good books and your wallet.
1. Public library
Public library is the most convenient and straightforward place for finding good books. There, you can find a wide variety of well-written books in different topics like natural science, sociology, finance, and English literature, just to name a few. Rambling among racks of bookshelves to look for your favorites is a pleasant experience. Even if you find out the borrowed book is not as appealing as you have thought after you flip through quite a few pages, just return it to the library. It is totally free.
2. Second-hand bookstore
If you would like to keep a book yourself, and spending as little as possible is your first priority, second-hand bookstores will fit you. You may be fortunate to find some good books for just cents, but be prepared to spend some time among stacks of old books. Alternatively, you can do it electronically by searching By just a few clicks, you will get a list of bestsellers and some valuable book reviews. Be sure to check them out before you make a purchase.
3. Book club
If you have friends who share the same interest of reading, you can organize a book club. It is easy. Each of you just needs to contribute a small amount weekly or monthly, which will be used later for buying books. You can have the books circulated among your fellow members. After some time, you will be amazed to find that you have found a little library. If you do not want your little book club to be that monetary, you can hold a regular meet-up instead. In the meet-ups, you can exchange with your friends your treasures and get theirs in return.
4. Book swapping
Similar to the idea of organizing a book club, book swapping is an online exchange activity involving interchange among members. For example, if you have a book to give away to others, you will get credits for the giveaway. Next time, when you want others’ book, you can use your earned credits to get the book. Save the shipping charge you have to pay, book swapping is great for saving money for books. But, when you put your book for swapping, remember to clearly state where you are willing to have your book sent to.
5. Books on sale
Books in bookstores are not always expensive. The price will droop when they are staying on the bookshelves for some time. Keep an eye on your nearby bookstores’ promotion. More often than not, they would have regular sale promotion.
Reading is a pleasure that many people enjoy. It would be a pity if we are hurdled to read for monetary reason. Thankfully, there are many ways to find good books for cheap, which makes reading all the more pleasurable.


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