Gift Giving Ideas from the Heart

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Sometimes it seems that not a month goes by without having to purchase a gift for friends and family. Every time you turn around, it is someone’s birthday, someone is graduating or getting married or another holiday is just around the corner. What are you supposed to do when your budget is already stretched to the limit? Luckily there are many ways to come up with great gifts by using your imagination and creativity. Here are a few ideas for creative giving.

For that special someone’s birthday, consider their favorite hobbies and passions. For that person who loves to paint, perhaps a decorative mug of paintbrushes would be just the thing. For the gardening enthusiast, a basket of seed packs or colorful garden tools might be just the ticket. You don’t have to break the bank for these types of gifts, and the person you bless them with will be honored that you took the time to really think about what means the most to them.

Mother’s day and Father’s day is often the day of pretty soaps and tacky ties for parents. Try giving from the heart on these days – give memories. Make a collage of photos for your mom in a pretty frame or a coupon book for dad that he can use to get his car washed or his office cleaned out. Make dad a dish of homemade cookies or give mom a day off in the kitchen by cooking her favorite meal.

As graduation day looms, consider giving the new grad a letter from the heart or a booklet of advice for surviving that first month of college. Put together a scrapbook for them with notes from their teachers and peers. Compile a photo collage of their school days from kindergarten to 12th grade. Another great gift for grads is a quilt made from their old school uniforms and student activities.

Think about the gifts you have stored in your hall closet – three different toasters you received as a wedding present, four puzzles your grandmother gave you for the last four birthdays, five different photo frames from various relatives – well, you get the gist. Now think about the favorite gifts you ever received over the years. Chances are they were gifts from the heart.


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