Managing Stress

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                        Managing Stress-The Key To Healthy Living

     Stress can come from work.Factors that contribute to stess are mood, anxiety, or tension.  High
blood pressure can result from too much stress. Hyper-tension is a form of stress. To eliminate stress,
do work that is tolerable on your body. Don’t lift up heavy objects, especially when the weather is too hot.
This  can strain the heart.  Enjoy relaxing in a pool or steam bath after a hard day’s work.  If you are working
outside, carry a radio to play music. Music is a form of therapy. Studies show that listening to classical
music is very relaxing, so you may feel all that aggravation inside you will disappear.

     Petting an animal can alleviate stress. People with heart conditions are known to get better when
they pet their cat or dog. Animals are healers. Now, some people actually benefit from swimming with dolphins
in a  pool set up with experienced instructors. You can releive stress in this way, and probably make
some special new friends in the process. The dolphins can also be touched and held while swimming.
You may even give them a kiss. Children with autism have found this is a healing technique, but it would also
do wonders for the extra stress in your life.

     Medications like anti-depressants or sleeping pills can help to calm the nerves but they shouldn’t be
taken over long periods of time. Terrible addictions have caused people to become hostile and even commit
suicide. Drugs can temporarily relieve stress but natural solutions are the key to recovering from high stress.
Just pet an animal, jog, listen to music, and plain relax. Such remedies will lead to better health and less stress
in the long-run.

     I have learned a process to deal with stress, that has not been mentioned above. Meditation has helped me
to feel relaxed and happy. I sit in a room by myself, and I just keep my eyes closed and think deeply to myself.
I imagine that I am in another place and time. I think of the ocean, and scenes of nature. Then, I am able to
collect my thoughts and tell myself not feel anxious or mad at everyday situation. When the meditation is over,
I check my pulse, and it does slow down a little, and then I take a nap. When I wake up, I paint a picture with
a crayon, and it is a serene color I use. The backround is blue, and the rest is white or another color. The
blue is soothing to my nerves, and the rest of it helps me to feel relaxed. This process of meditaion can
be repeated over and over again. Each time, it gets better. My thinking is deeper and clearer, and when I wake
from sleeping, I am more refreshed than before.
     Meditation is a good method in dealing with stress, but whatever works for you is what you should stay
with. Just talking to someone else about what’s bothering you is also a way to relieve symptoms of stress.
So, following a plan can be the answer to your problems with stress. It may all be just a thing of the past.
Start living life to the fullest-that is the key to healthier and happier living.


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