What is Swedish massage therapy?

What is Swedish massage therapy? Swedish massage therapy employs a variety of massage strokes involving the hands, forearms, and elbows with the use of oils or lotions to help relax tense muscles or alleviate pain from various health conditions. The Swedish massage has five different stroking techniques, which are effleurage, petrissage, friction, tapotement, and vibration.

 Effleurage technique consists of the hands gliding in long strokes from the neck to the back and then down wards to the base of the spine.  The shoulders receive the same strokes while going down towards the arms to the end of the fingertips or towards other bodily limbs.  Petrissage technique involves gently moving and lifting the muscles in an upward bound motion away from the bones, followed by rolling and squeezing with a gentle pressure from the palms of the therapist’s hands, more like kneading. Friction technique involves the therapist using her thumbs or fingertips to create transverse movements or deep penetrating circular stokes.  This technique is use near the joints, which breaks down the adhesion or knots from muscle fiber tissues being tied together during the healing process, which helps the joints and muscles to become more flexible. Tapotement is percussive brisk movements that involve the hands in the hacking form or closed fists, cupping or hands form into a cup, and tapping vigorously with the fingertips. It alleviates tension and cramping, due to muscle spasms. Vibration or Shaking consists of the therapist pressing with her hands on the back or limbs of the client and shaking for few seconds at a time, which is usually done towards the end of the massages. The technique helps with lower back pain.

Who uses the Swedish massage Therapy? The Swedish massage therapy is very popular among the Western culture and is the standard of massage therapy. It is widely practice in the United States. What is so special about it? Swedish massage therapy relieves stress and tension. It also alleviates the following health conditions, like muscle spasms, back pain, tendinitis, headaches or migraines, bodily injuries, joint pain, circulatory and respiratory problems. Swedish massage therapy enhances flexibility and mobility. It helps cleanse the lymphatic system, while bring oxygen and nutrients to bodily tissues.

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