Keeping Unruly Eyebrows in Check: How To Control Stubborn Strays and Maintain a Polished Look

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Even well groomed eyebrows can become unruly at times. Keeping them in check and controlling stubborn strays can go a long way in making a good, polished impression. Eyebrows may be short, but are generally courser and more difficult to ‘hold’ in place than other hairs. Keeping your brows fabulous and in place–cheaply, quickly and easily — is possible.  Here’s how.


  • Eyebrow brush OR clean toothbrush
  • clean finger
  • dab of Vaseline (or petroleum jelly) OR
  • hair wax OR
  • hair gel OR
  • lip balm(clear)

Use an eyebrow brush or clean toothbrush to gently brush the eyebrow. Brush from the nose, outward toward the ears.

Run your finger over the brow, following the path taken by the brush. The pressure and natural oils on your finger will help begin to ‘stick’ it in place.

Apply a tiny amount of Vaseline (or generic petroleum jelly) or hair gel /wax to your fingertip, and run the finger gently over the brow. Press down firmly, and run it over the brow again, ensuring it has assumed the correct shape and is holding.

Vaseline, generally is the preferred option, as it is both moisturizing, and also inherently shiny giving the brow a natural ‘lift’, visually.

For more unruly or courser eyebrows, gel or hair wax is most effective.

In a pinch, use a small dab of lip gloss/balm to keep brows in place.

Use the eyebrow brush or toothbrush again to give a final, quick comb to polish off your grooming and remove any excess product.

Give yourself a wink and be on your way 😉


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