It’s thick, long and brown…what is it?

Right so here I am drinking and eating chocolate, with my little and relatively useful little sister who’s decided her comments on the “double deckers” should be included as she’s a little princess. The chocolate bar is one I’ve never had before, but my brother seemed to ease himself into the last pack and back out the other side as he devoured a 5 bar packet between himself and Lisa Dingle (his girlfriend, who we refer as the Dingles after the British TV family from Emmerdale). A bit of a late start to the weekend as I finish work at 5:pm on a Saturday and then get a train and get home about 6, so I need an unwind, usually it’s just the beer, this time it’s a chocolate binge.

The double deckers came in a pack of 5 for around £1.60 or so from B+M bargains (my new personal store of choice), its contained in an orange and purple wrapper, with “double Decker” written in big white font. The bar apparently contains “Cadbury milk chocolate with a soft, chewy nougat top and crunchy cereal bottom”, I wish I’d of seen that before buying it, as to be honest I’m not a fan of nougat (is it pronounced “Nug-gat or Noo-gar?).

Upon opening the bar you get a nice thick, chunky hard brown bar, quite similar in shape to a Mars or a Snickers a bigger bar that may make you think of a Yorkie or a Kit Kat Crunchy. So the wrappers open, my mouth is free from beer (sorry for any typos during the rest of this I am on my third in the past 45 mins) and I’m going to have my first ever bite of a double decker…

First impressions are that a mouthfuls actually really small, the bars a bit of a monster to be honest, thick and wide long and a whole bizarre experience where an amazing blend of flavours mixes in your mouth. You get the chocolate coating on the out side then the chewy and sticky combination of the nougat before hitting the fresh cereal type bottom. Kayleigh’s description of the base was “like a coco pops bar” , not exactly the cereal either of us were expecting, though its welcome surprise compared to the expected cereals that we’d each expected.

Second impression “nuts my teeth hurt” I have no idea just how much sugar is in this but I feel my molars are dissolving into the confectionery. It’s odd that the bar is so sweet with so much raw taste, but yet the bar bites back, almost like a survival technique of the large bar. How my brother managed to get through 5 of them between himself and his girlfriend with all their teeth in tact is unbeknown to me. Now I’ve never taken the greatest care of my teeth, but eating chocolates never usually a problem, so this is one sweet monster. My sister didn’t seem to complain about the sweetness so perhaps it is my teeth… 

Kay finished hers as a started the writing of this piece and have actually finished it by the time I started mine, she did slightly put me off it when I her another one and got the reply of: “I don’t want another one, I’ll be sick…you cant eat a lot of them”. Now after finally finished my own I do see the point she was making, they do taste nice, as in really nice, but are quite filling and overly sweet, they are likely to take a bit of time to settle in your stomach despite how nice the taste is.

The chewy texture is reminiscent of a fresh snickers, whilst the bar seems more like a Mars bar with a coco pop bottom which is quite different but the sheer size of them is actually quite daunting. Looking at a wrapper of one of the ones left it’s not a wonder they seem quite large, the bar is 60g each, when compared to most bars which are around 30-40 grams so it’s incredibly large. With it being packed with as many things as I’m assuming the singles bars are actually relatively costly in more shops, though chocolate as a single bar usually is now a days, which is a relative shame to sweet tooth’s like myself.

The ingredients include:
36% nougat
65 crispy cereal
14% (min) chocolate solids
Also includes: Egg, Milk. Wheat, Malt may also have peanuts, nuts and soya. So stay away if you have anything medically against them.

The bars nutritional information per bar includes
13.8% your GDA in calories (275)
36.4% your GDA sugars (32.8g)
16.1% your GDA fat (11.3g)
30.5% of your GDA saturates (6.1g)
and 2.2% GDA salt (0.13g)

So in other words…not healthy. The best advice would be to eat no more than 1 of them a day, despite their taste. The bars likely to make you look like a fat toothless person if you do consider them a daily snack, other wise brilliant in taste and texture.

Let me also say, I’ve never seen the 3 bar packets, only ever 5 bar packets.

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