2009 F1 Turkish Grand Prix:Sebastian Vettel leads

Jun 7 2009, the Turkish Formula 1 Grand Prix starts with Sebastian Vettel from Team Red Bull in pole position after dumping the earlier pole position leader Jenson Button of Brawn GP by just 0:00.900 seconds.  Rubens Barrichello (Brawn GP) comes in 3rd from his original 2nd place pole position from Sebastian’s qualifying time. Last years F1 champion Lewis Hamilton (Team McLaren) comes in 16th where as the iceman from Finland Kimi Raikkonen (Team Ferrari) is in 6th position. The fast Aussie Mark Webber is placed in 4th position just after Ruben. Alonso (Team Renault) 2 times World F1 champion found a safe 8th position despite being the lightest fuel load among the top 10 cars. Among favorites, Felipe Massa (Team Ferrari) clocked in just behind Kimi in7th place. Both Ferrari drivers are hoping for better grip with their Bridgestone’s tires but are not complaining on their decent balance fuel load. Just like them Lewis Hamilton hopes for better grip in the Q3 Turkish track. The McLaren team is just not getting enough down force in high speed corners even with prime tires.

Team Redbull is the closest competitor for Team Brawn GP for the constructor’s championship trailing behind the leader with almost 44 points. The pole position from Sebastian Vettel is the team’s kiss of life of ever trying to creep up behind Team Brawns lead. Aside from that its Sebastian Vettel’s chances of closing into 2nd place driver’s championship lead Ruben Barrichello. So far Team Brawn is the F1 fans favorite with Team Red Bull behind. The F1 giants Ferrari and McLaren needs to win this race to pick up their performance and regained their legendary predecessor status. This race is definitely going to be a good one between Sebastian Vettel and Jenson Button.

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