Is a Weimaraner the Right Dog for You?

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With their lanky gray bodies and noble faces, Weimaraners are a beautiful breed of dog. But are they the right breed for you?

Weimaraners take plenty of love and care to be good pets. They are very high energy, basically being a breed that was originally supposed to be an all-day hunter, and they often suffer from separation anxiety.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy one as part of your family. You just have to know how to deal with a Weimaraner. First, you should be in fairly good health and should lead an active lifestyle. Weimaraners are not good pets for couch potatoes. These animals love to run, run, run and walk and play all day long. They’re born with tons of energy under that gray fur.

As for the separation anxiety, there are ways to deal with that. If you happen to work at home or have a job that allows you to have a pet with you all day long, then that’s a plus. You’re Weimaraner is possibly going to bond with you or someone in your family, and your new gray buddy is going to want to be with the person all the time. Literally, all the time.


Crate training and sometimes medications can help with separation anxiety in a Weimaraner, but pill popping isn’t something that should be taken lightly. Consult your veterinarian about mood medications for your pet, but please don’t depend on a magic pill. You’ll get much more enjoyment and love from a Weimaraner without it being drugged all the time.

As for temperament, Weimaraners get along with most everyone. They can be shy at first with strangers, but they especially love the high energy of children. Just keep in mind this is a large dog, at least a couple of feet tall at adulthood and weighing as much as 85 pounds, so you might want to be careful allowing small children around such an animal. It’s not impossible a Weimaraner could accidentally harm a small child simply because the animal is so big.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Weimaraners like to eat. So make sure you can afford the food before you invest in such a pet.

As far as health concerns go, Weimaraners can suffer from hip dysplasia and some other diseases and ailments common to larger breeds. Make sure your puppy buddy sees a veterinarian every so often.

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