2009 Formula 1 Team:Team Brawn GP Ltd

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F1 formula team Brawn GP Ltd (also know as Brawn Grand Prix Ltd.) was formed on 6 March 2009 unexpectedly when Ross Brawn bought the Honda Racing F1 Team from Honda. Honda decided it was not making enough money due to the global current economic crisis and had to let go the team in December 2008. Fortunately it was bought by Ross Brawn the then Honda Racing F1 Team from Honda technical director and was renamed to team Brawn GP Ltd (also know as Brawn Grand Prix Ltd.). The team has been a remarkable success compared to when it was own by Honda last year. Jenson Button the F1 driver for Brawn GP Ltd is leading the driver’s championship with 6 finishes and 6 podium finish. He had so far secured and won 1st place in all races but had to settle for 3rd in the China Grand Prix. Rubens Barrichello his team mate (Former Ferrari F1 team) is in second place behind Jenson Button. The team is leading the constructor’s championship as well which is a tremendous success compared to their overall last years 9th out off 11th place standings. Their winning streak started from the beginning of the Formula 1 Grand Prix held in the Australia Grand Prix where Jenson Button finished 1st and Rubens Barrichello at 2nd. The teams’ formula 1 car, the amazing Brawn BGP 001 utilizes a Mercedes-Benz engine has never ever broke down so far within a race and this great engine is set in history as being the first engine to win three Grand Prix. Though the 2009 Grand Prix is far from over with another 11 more grand prix to go, the team has been a favorite among all F1 fans which I feel should be able to take the Formula 1 2009 drivers championship and constructors championship home. This will be a remarkable win for the not so performing 2008 team, herald ling a new age of F1 championship domination.


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