More Garden Know How – Onions

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When you garden, many times it is learn as you go. Or, you can hope you have someone to answer questions that you have. I hope to answer a few things that might need answering.

First off: onions.

If you are growing onions, you probably have them planted by now. If you haven’t there is still time to do so.

You do not have to buy special bunching onions. You can buy plain yellow onion sets and plant them close together and pick them when they are small and green. I have even read suggestions of planting them in circular bunches. I plant mine close together, all down the row. As they grow. I pull one here and there so there is room for the ones left planted to grow big.

Another thing with onions is that they will sometimes flower. A bulb like sack will grow on the tip of the onion top. You need to cut or pinch them off. If you don’t, the onion will not bulb as well. It will grow bigger, but not as much as if you were to cut the flower off.

When deciding what kind of onion to plant, think what you will use them for. Red and white onions are best raw and yellow is best cooked.

Onions are sold as seeds, plants, and sets. I recommend buying sets. They are easy and grow fairly fast. You could be picking your first green onion a month, or close to it, after planting your sets.

Onions are fully mature when the tops yellow and fall over. That is when it is time to dig them.

Onions are easy to grow. Many people don’t grow them because they don’t notice a difference between home grown and store bought. But, if you go to a nursery you can find pints of onion sets for a little as a dollar.


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