Learn Wine Making at Home

Wine made from fruit is very simple. I have been experimenting with wine making for a little on ten years now. I usually put in a batch of grape wine in the summers so that it’s ready by the holiday season latter in the year.

Here’s a simple and quick way to make wine. I don’t even use yeast to help the fermentation. The complex sugars in the fruit will generate enough on their own to make the wine.

There are single fruit wines and mixed fruit wines. You can use a combination of fruits and spices as well. Ginger and orange go particular;y well together. Another favourite is apple with cinammon. The basic grape wine is what I’m going to talk about in this post.

The grapes that are too sour to be eaten, can actually make great wine. So once you buy the grapes, they were plucked off the twigs, washed and dried for a day. You can do the same with any fruit. If you are using oranges, peel them.The zest can make the wine bitter.

Now get a nice big jar, use either plastic or glass, absolutely no metal. Add a fistful of grapes and toss in a fistful of sugar on it. Carry on till you fill up the jar to the brim. Now seal it up and leave it in the sun for a day. Then at night hide it away on the last shelf in your cupboard and forget about it for a month. Then shake it up a bit with a dry spoon and taste. If you want it stronger and less sweet, let it stand for one more week.

Once you like the taste, just pour out the clear wine into another bottle and let the raisins in the left over cloudy wine garnish your next pudding. So simple!

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