What is CashCrate and How to Make Money With it

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1. CashCrate is a free website to join where you are paid for giving your opinion on products and fill out surveys. All you need to do is go to CashCrate.com and fill out your name, e-mail address, password and address (so you can receive payments by check).  

2. Fill out surveys and complete offers. There are hundreds of offers that you can complete online. A lot of the are free to do. When you have done an offer click on the submit or done button to show you have completed it. This will than be added to your pending offers and you should be paid shortly.

3.Along with offers that you will complete you will get points where you can redeem them for prizes. This is where you can get prizes ranging from a gas card, and XBOX 360 or an Iphone.

4. The payments start at the 1th of every month and you usually get a check or sent money in paypal by the 5th-10th of the same month. You can not be processed for a payment unless you reach the 20 dollar minimum.  If you don’t you payment will simple roll over to the next month. So if you only have 17 dollars by the 15th your 17 dollars will go to the next month and you will get paid once you reach the 20 dollars.

5. Look into the referral system if you want to make even more money online. A lot of the big earners on CashCrate have referrals. Some even make over $1,000 dollars every month.

6. Look at the forums for hints on making money on the site as well as contests that they hold.

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