How To Become a Court Researcher

You first want to analyze this field, pose questions to the right people (actual court research companies) and decide if this is something you’d like to do. Most companies search for mortgages. There are also companies that specialize in probate in this case, you’d receive a commission if anything can be used as well as the speed the information is documented. Understand that the more counties you accept within a given area, the more opportunities you will have to earn more money. Getting assignments are on an as needed basis. It is best to only apply for that position if the state/county needed is advertised and within your area.

There are also attorneys who hire people to go through cases filed in certain counties to look for potential clients. You would of course have to contact local attorneys in your area and talk to them regarding any opportunities they may have for some independent research gigs.

You can also inquire to court entertainment companies. Judge Mathis always hires people to research and locate records for stories they can use for the show. These types of jobs usually pays a finders fee. Though they do not hire in every county so it is key to find out what their looking for. They may just have you submit your resume and will contact you if something comes up in your area.

  • It is important to consider how close you are to the court house because most do not pay for mileage.

  • You also want to ask for ways and tips to get around any obstacles you may encounter at the court house from employees. You do not want anything to hinder your work. It is a good thing to ask the court house ahead of time if anything is needed or if there are any restrictions in regards to viewing such files.

For a great listing of companies that hire researcher check the research section of this work from home career kit.

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