**FIVE Ways To Get That Second Date**

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Ok, so you have a date and don’t want it to end up like the past five. I understand, but don’t be ashamed. I’ve been there too, and I’m here to help. I’ve had my share of good and bad dates, but now, for the most part, they are all good. It’s kind of like a game to me now. Hmm Can I get you inerested in me? Just simply try these five steps and see how it helps.

Step oneDon’t come on too strong– Sooo not attractive. Let your date know you are interested, but don’t tell him/her you want to get married and DEFINTIELY do not drop the LOVE BOMB! no no and no!

Step two: Leave them wondering– don’t let him/her know what all you have to offer immediately. Make them want to get to know you better and see what ELSE you have to offer.  

Step three:Play hard to get– if they think they can’t have you, you will be their challenge and they will work their butts off to win it.

Step four:Don’t complain or whine Be HAPPY! It’s a date and you’re on it Don’t bore your date with everything bad in your life.You absolutely do not want a second SYMPOTHY date… BAD.

Step five:Smile and Laugh– people love it when you laugh at their jokes. It builds their self-confidence. You don’t want your date to feel insure or inferior to you.

I’ve had amazing success with just these five steps! Enjoy your date and don’t blame me if they won’t leave you alone afterwords!


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