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We all have heard about those PTC – pay-to-click – sites. Simply, you click on the advertisements on the website and you earn a tiny amount of money every time. Well, most PTC sites are just scams and nothin’ good. Same with many other online earning sites.

What if you could do something else.. Solving tasks for money? Yes.

There is a great, free new site that pays you for doing some simple stuff. For example, you would have to make blog comments or label images, answer to questions etc.

The site is called ShortTask. Currently there is about 60,000 tasks available. Most of them are about content creating (article writing, blog posting etc.) but there’s something so simple as following a Twitter account to get paid. The more difficult the task, the more you are paid. One blog comment would earn you $1 or more…

Now, take a look at the site:

(of course, you can register right away)

Click the Task link. As you can see, there are many pages of available tasks.. You can also see how much they are paying you – for example, following a Twitter profile would earn you 0.05 dollar. To get more information about the task, click “View a task in this group”. There’s everything essential about the “job”. If you want to accept the task, just click the Accept button. There you go.. Please note that if you cannot complete it, you can always cancel the task.

When the seeker has approved your work you will get paid to your ShortTask balance. The minimum payout is 50 dollars and you will get paid to Paypal (be sure to enter a correct paypal address).. It may sound a big amount but hey, those tasks never run out! Most of them are easy to complete.


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