How to tell if your teens are using drugs

Drug use is something that parents should be concern about. You should intervene if your children are using drugs because their lives can be deeply affected by it if they continue to use drug. They could perform poorly in school and end up with poor health. You should get them help if they can’t stop on their own. Rehabilitation is available for those that need medical treatment from withdrawal symptoms.

The signs of drug use

Your kids might have the substance in their room or backpacks. They might have it in their personal belongings. You can check once in awhile to see if they have it. They might be running out of money and they’re desperately asking you for money. They could be stealing your money. They might act bizarre at home like yelling or hitting things. If they’re not using it, they might act out on withdrawal symptoms.

Their physical characteristics

They don’t shave or take showers. They grow out their hair really long. You can smell it on their clothing. They sleep often and gain weight. They don’t want to do school work and they are sleepy all the time. They miss school and they don’t want to talk to the family like they normally do. If you see any changes, it could be a sign of drug use. People that are on drugs will act differently than people that are alert. They might hallucinate and act weird at home. One giveaway is the way they act at home. If they change all of the sudden, it could be from drug use.

What you can do to help

You can talk to them about it and if they agree to get help, you can take them to a rehab. When someone is not on drug they will have withdrawal symptoms and it could be detrimental to their well being. When they’re in a rehab, the doctor will give them an anti-dote to relieve their withdrawal symptoms. They can sweat, have a headache or shakes when they have withdrawal symptoms. They could also be very aggressive when they have withdrawal symptoms. They could pick fight with you or yell at you. If you see your kids hitting things or screaming at you, it could be because of drugs use.

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