Dating tips: ways to tell if your date is into you

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You’re out on a date and you’re talking and eating. You wonder if your date is into to you. How do you find out? You can watch your date closely and observe for non-verbal signs. Usually their body language will reveal if they like you or not. If she sits really close to you and touch you once in awhile then she is into you. If she sits really far away and take out her phone to call her friends then she might want to go home early. If you observe for little signs, you can tell if they like you or not.

When you first see her

You can tell if she has a good impression of you when you first see her. She might smile or give you a hug and these are signs that she likes the way you look. If she just look at you and then walk by herself into the car then she might not be that interested.

Where she wants to go

You can tell a lot about a person by the places that they want to go with you. If they ask you to take them out dancing, it could be a sign that she’s into you. She wants to dance with you and have fun with you. If she wants to avoid any type of contact with you then she’s not that interested. If she ask to you to take her for a walk on the beach, it could be a good sign. She might want to walk in a quiet place so she can get to know you. What if she doesn’t know where she wants to go? This might mean that she’s not interested in the date and she doesn’t feel like going anywhere special. She just want to go with the flow.

The look on her face

You can tell a lot about a girl by the way they look. You can look at her face to see if she’s smiling or bored. Does she looks at you? If she’s making eyes contact then it’s better than looking away. If she kept on staring out the window then something is not right.

The conversation

You can tell when a girl is into you by the way she talks. If she’s sweet and pleasing then she’s into you. If she’s harsh then she’s not interested. If she asks you a lot of questions then she could be into you. She wants to know you more. This is a good sign. If she asks you about your plan for next weekend then she’s definitely interested. If you ask her about her plan for next weekend and she tells you that she’s busy then she might not be interested.


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