Overcoming jealousy in a relationship

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Jealousy happens in all relationship. It’s almost an instinct to get jealous in order to protect what belongs to us. Every relationship that you get into you will get jealous. It’s the number one reason why people fight or break up. They get jealous over every little thing in a relationship. When you don’t pick up the phone, they wonder if you’re with another woman. It’s unavoidable sometimes. Jealousy is one of human basic emotions. There’s not one person on this Planet that haven’t experienced jealousy. You can overcome jealousy if you try but a little bit of jealousy can keep your relationship healthy. There will be time when your jealousy can be a result of cheating or an affair. If it’s cheating or an affair then you need to confront your partner instead of getting jealous over it.

Ignore the Little Stuff

You don’t have to get jealous over every little thing. If he’s with his co-worker working on a project, it could be a project and you don’t have to get jealous over it. There’ll be time when he’s cheating on you with your co-worker and you need to recognize those types relationships. It can be harmless or it can be cheating but jealousy won’t solve your problems either. You need to ignore all the little stuff. If he glance at a woman walking by, you can ignore it. He’s still going home with you. People look all the time and you often look at other men too. Unless it’s an affair, you can ignore it. Your man might not be interested in all the women that are out there. He’s interested in you and that’s why he’s with you.

Be Fair

You have to be fair sometimes. If your man is spending some time with another woman on an important matter like work or school, then you should let them finish their work. What if you have to work with your co-worker one day? You will be irritated if he gets jealous and get mad at you for spending time with another man. If a man wants to be with you, he will be with you. If he wants to be with another woman, he will leave you. You should have confidence in yourself and your relationship. If you’re not sure if he loves you or not, you can ask him. Sometimes we need to tell ourselves that we are just over reacting to things.

Spend Time Where There Are Less Women

If you don’t like to see him staring at every woman that passes by, you can spend time in a private place. If you’re in a private place no one can bother you. He won’t have anyone to look at. He’ll focus all on you. It’s natural for a man to look at other women if they’re walking around. If there’re handsome man walking around, you would be looking at them too.


If you’re jealous because you think he has another woman, you can ask him about it. Maybe, you’re misunderstanding him. You should not misunderstand people and clarify things when you’re confused. If you think he’s cheating, you should go ahead and ask about the other women. You can move on quicker if you know what’s going on. You should not be in the dark. Communication can help you feel better and you won’t have to be jealous all the time.


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