How To Start a Successful Blog – My 10 Rules

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What does it take to launch a successful blog?

The problem with most Bloggers I know is that they think if they posted one article then “uh oh I need a traffic bomb shelter” to control all of the traffic coming to my site.

Not so.

Here are the 10 rules to start a successful blog as I see them:

Rule #1 To become a successful Blogger: Figure out how you can create enough value for enough people – consistently – over a period of time.

Rule #2 Become an authoritative blogger: Don’t post articles stating the obvious. What new and innovative ideas or concepts can you create? How can you get people to see you as an authoritative figure?

Rule #3 Content, content and lots of it: Most bloggers post once a month. The best way to speed up the process is to post every day.

Rule #4 Start from the beginning in building a mailing list. Don’t make the same mistake I made! The power is in the mailing list.

Rule #5 Market your blog: Without traffic you blog is not really worth much.

Rule #6 Don’t use your blog to kvetch and complain about everything. This will drive your traffic away from your site. People are not interested in your problems – we get enough negative nonsense from the media

Rule #7 Write about something that you are extremely passionate and knowledgeable about. If not then you simply won’t stick to it.

Rule #8 Don’t be afraid to share your knowledge. No one will think you are arrogant unless you start bragging about yourself.

Rule #9 Don’t blast your blog with affiliate ads and Google ads. Save the monitization options til later on.

Rule #10 Be a nice guy. (don’t fake it) People like nice people and your traffic will know if they are dealing with a nice person. Respond to emails and treat people will respect: If people email you via your site – respond as fast as you can. This is has been an incredible tool for me in building a loyal following to my site.


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