How to manage your kids as a single parent

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A single parent can suffer a lot if they have to manage their lives and their children too. You have to work and then pay a lot of bills. It can be overwhelming. You should look for help. It takes two people to make the child so the other parent has to be responsible too.

Seek child support

Child support is required by law. It takes two people to make the child so you shouldn’t have to handle it alone. It’s wrong for the father to leave you with no support. You should go to court and file for child support. Unless you don’t know where the father is, you should go to court and seek child support. It’s only fair to you.

Ask the inlaws for help

The father might not want to help you but your child’s grandparent might want to see their grandkids. You should ask them for help if they’re available. Sometimes you might not be in good terms anymore with them but if you’re still talking to them then you should ask for help. You need help and you shouldn’t go through it alone.


If your children are older, you should train them to take care of their chores or their school work. You want them to be responsible as much as possible and you should not have to do every single little thing. They should know how to bathe themselves or get food when they’re hungry.

Ask your family for help

If you have parents and brothers and sisters, you should ask them for help. They’re there to help you. You should not have to go through it alone. They could babysit your children or even take them permanently.


You should ask friends for help sometimes. If they enjoy your children, they can take them out or babysit them. You should use your social support.

Governmental assistance program

You can apply for government assisstance program. This will include college programs for single moms.

Community program

There’re community program that are there to help support you. It can be free counseling or child care.

Child discipline

It’s tough being a single parent and that’s why your children should not act out of control. They should help you with anything that they can instead of creating more problems.

Time management

If you manage your time wisely, you can get your life together. You should focus on work and making extra money to help support yourself and your children.


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