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It’s imperative that pregnant women get prenatal care. They should do it as early as possible in their pregnancy term. If they get it early enough, the doctor can scan for potential problems and maybe even save the baby. Everything is possible with the advance technology that they have in the hospital. If you leave your problems untreated, your baby will come out with problems. They can have birth defects if you leave your problems untreated. What do you need to know?

Signing Up For Prenatal Care Early On

You should get prenatal care during the first month of your pregnancy. You’ll be able to receive counseling this way and you will know what to eat and which medication to avoid. If you wait until the third trimester, it can be too late. You should sign up for prenatal care session right away. The doctor will also recommend vitamins that you should take during your pregnancy. There’re certain medication that you should avoid taking during your pregnancy. Most medications are not allowed during pregnancy because it can interfere with the fetus’s health. Medications that are healthy for you can cause your child birth defects. Simple medication like birth control pills are not recommended during pregnancy. The last thing that any mother would want is child birth defects. Many of us have seen the looks of babies that have child birth defects. It’s not the look that we want in our child.

Where to Sign Up

There’re prenatal care session at most local hospital and local clinic. There will be a fee and some clinics are free such as Plan Parenthood. You can talk to your family doctor about prenatal care too. It’s important that you sign up and go with your husband.

Food and Drinks

There’re certain food and drinks that you should avoid during pregnancy. Your doctor will give you a complete list. It’s important to eat a well balanced diet during pregnancy with the emphasis on nutritious food like fruits and vegetables. It’s also important to eat food that are well cooked and free of contamination. Food that is contaminated can cause your child illnesses. You should avoid contaminated water or food if you’ll be traveling. You shouldn’t drink or eat food without double checking it for safety. You should avoid drinking water from park or public fountain because there may be E. coli contamination. Recently, coffee was found to be unhealthy for pregnant women. You should avoid food that is made from a foreign country.

Alcohol and cigarettes

Alcohol and cigarettes are not allowed during pregnancy. One drink or smoke can cause your fetus problems. You should not drink or smoke during your pregnancy. You can drink and smoke after your pregnancy and but not during your pregnancy. Alcohol can cause many birth defects like heart damage, eyes damage, lungs damage and many more. Your baby can become mentally challenge from the affect of alcohol.


Most medications are not allowed during pregnancy because it can cause problems for your baby. You should talk to your doctors about all the medications that you are currently taking but the doctor will ask you to discontinue using it until you give birth.

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