How to Care For Your Eyes

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Vision health is very important. Without good vision, you will be stuck with contact lenses and glasses. You need to eat nutritious food for healthy vision too. Daily habits can make your eyes turn bad. If you change the way you read and the lighting around you, you can improve your vision. If you work under poor lighting you can develop bad vision over time.

Good Lighting

When you’re working or reading, you should do it under the best lighting so that you don’t strain your eyes. If you strain it too much over time, you can develop poor vision. You should never work under poor lighting.

Eat Nutritious Food

Nutritious food can help improve your eyes sight over time. Carrots are good for your eyes. Fish are good for your eyes. Fish has omega fatty acid which can improve circulation to your eyes. Fruits and vegetables are best for your vision health.


Exercise is one of the best way to improve your vision. When you exercise, your eyes fluid can drain out more and that could help you in the long run. People that have problem with fluid drainage in their eyes will end up with eyes disease later on.

Wear the Right Glasses

You should wear the right glasses so that your eyes are not straining with the wrong type of glasses. This is why you should only wear prescription glasses and not something you bought from the stores.

Prevent Injuries

You can wear a goggle whenever you’re working on your car or your house. It can prevent things from entering your eyes. You can get eyes injuries if you don’t wear a goggle.


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