The benefits of exercise

Exercising is the best way to improve your health or current medical illnesses. It can be better in the long run than taking medications. Exercising is not costly and it improves about every part in your body. You can look ten years younger and maybe even live ten years longer. If you have a current illness, you should exercise since it’ll make a big difference in your health. You can see result within a day. If you have a headache, you can jog for an hour and after that the headache can disappear. If you’re tired, you can go for a jog and you’ll feel more energetic afterward.

Blood Circulation

Exercising will improve your blood circulation. Blood provides all the nutrients that your cells need. You can get sick if your blood circulation is poor. Blood circulation will improve your health overall. You can boost your immune system because blood carries the cells that are needed to defend your body from foreign agents.


You will have so much energy after you go for a run. If you’re feeling tired, you can go for a jog and you’ll feel better afterward. The body is like a blender, it can slow down if you fill it with too much stuff. You should push the button and move things around. You’ll get better blood circulation once you go for a run. The more you exercise the more energy you will have. Your body burns calories and fat and turn it into energy.


Your skin will look so much better after you work out. You will have better circulation and a reduced in bad hormones or stress hormones. You’ll get a fresh, pink glow. You’ll will look younger than your age if you exercise daily.


You can look younger than your age if you exercise daily. This is the best way to keep looking young. Over the counter cream can’t be as effective as exercising.

Reduce Blood Glucose

If you have diabetes, you can lower your blood glucose with daily exercising. It can be swimming or walking. Your blood glucose can slow down within a day. It’s very effective with exercises.

Reduce Bad Hormones or Stress Hormones

Exercising will reduce your bad hormones and stress hormones. You’ll feel more relaxed afterward. You can stretch to relieve your tense and stressed body. Stress hormones can make you sick. If it’s lowered, you won’t be sick anymore.

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