When your spouse doesn’t like your family

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There will be time when your spouse doesn’t like your family. It could be from a past arguments. Something happened and he doesn’t have a positive feeling about your family anymore. This is why first impression can break a relationship. If your family didn’t criticize him then he might have change his mind about them. Once you broke a relationship, it’s hard to glue it together. This is why in-laws are a problem sometimes. It’s best to keep your family problems to yourself and don’t spread it around. One or two negative comments from your family will keep him away.

Leave your spouse alone

It’s important to have respect for your husband’s feelings. If he doesn’t want to be with your family then you should accept that. When people are angry, they won’t want to work things out. It can escalate into something worse. You should leave your husband alone if he doesn’t want to see your family again. You can’t change the negative thoughts in his mind. This is why you should have your own life and stay away from the in-laws.


What would you do if you were in his shoes? If you didn’t like his family and he asks you to visit them, you wouldn’t go either. You would hold on to your negative thoughts about them. It can be hard to get rid of negative feelings. Once a relationship is broken you can’t get it back together. This is why you should hide all the details about your marriage so your family doesn’t intervene all the time. If you’re married, it means that you’re a responsible adult. You’re not a child anymore and you can handle your own problems. It would be a bigger mess if you tell your family. A relationship will be better if you have your privacy. If no one knows then they can’t make negative judgements about you or your husband and there won’t be any problems.


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