How to Prevent Food Poisoning

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You can get poisoning if you eat at places that are not clean enough. I got food poisoning twice throughout my life. One was from the truck at my work place and one was at home. I pass out on both of those occasions. I had trouble breathing and my head was hurting. I was lucky to recover from it without going to the hospital. You have to watch where you eat and what you eat sometimes. Did you know that portable gas stove can be a hazard if the gas is on your food. For example, if you grill directly on top of the gas stove, a lot of gas will be on that piece of food and it’ll get inside of your body. Gas can be a hazard. You can have trouble breathing if you ingest food with gas in it.

Street Food

Street food is one type of food that you should avoid. It’s easy to get food poisoning from street vendors. The vendors don’t have a sink and they don’t wash their hands or food that often. The utensils can be dirty. You should avoid buying anything that is not boxed on the street. This is the case when you travel to a foreign country. Food from truck vendors can be unsanitary too.

Food Not Well Cooked

Foods that are not well cooked can contain bacteria and virus. You can get sick with food that are not well cooked. Remember the mad cow disease, it’s possible. How about the recent peanuts salmonella outbreak? It’s possible. This is why you should cook all of your food thoroughly and check for food condition at a restaurant.

Old Food

You should not eat old food or cold food. It can make you sick. Old food can contain bacteria. The same goes with cold food. You should discard all cold food and old food.

Barbecue Mistakes

Did you know that the fat that react with gas can form a chemical that can cause cancer. This is why you should wrap your barbecuegrey_loader.gif when you barbecue it so that the fat doesn’t drip onto the gas. You should not stick the food close to the flame because gas can be hazardous to your health. You can have trouble breathing when you have it in your system.


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