Short stories: I once dated a stalker

You can meet some scary people nowadays. I once talked to someone and I thought he was normal until a couple  of weeks later. He chase me down the road from day to day. He drove around town to look for me. He looks for every single hint that he can so he can stalk me. I couldn’t go around town without thinking that he might be around stalking me. Every time the phone rings, I thought it was him. He called me around a hundred times a day.  My phone bills was very high. It was like something you have seen in a movie. I would tell myself to scan for men from now on and don’t go for the next guy that I see.

When I talked to him at first, I thought he was a nice guy until I saw him stalking me for the first time at a mall. I called him on the phone and I told him that I was at the mall. He showed up and I walked pass by him. I was shocked to see him there. I walked pass by really fast so he wouldn’t see me. I walked really fast and then ran into Target store to hide. I was waiting in the bathroom for hours and hope that he would go somewhere else. I waited and the store was about to close. I ran fast to the parking lot and jumped into my car. I was afraid that he would jump out of nowhere but he wasn’t there. I don’t know where he went. I finally turn on the engine and drove as fast as I could. I finally drove away that night and I didn’t go home. I drove to another city. I came back several hours later. That was the first time that he stalked me and there were more stalking occasions of course.

One night I told him that I was somewhere away an hour away to see what he would do. I guessed him right. He drove an hour to that place to see if I was there. Of course, I wasn’t there. I was at my home. He stayed out until an hour later and say that he was tired and he was going home. I was glad that he wasted some of his time. It was rude how he tried to scare me by saying that he will continue to drive at that place until he would see me. This was the second time that he stalked me. There were more occasions of course. I threatened to call the police and that was when he stopped stalking me. He text back and say that he was going to leave me alone. I pretended to be a guy and send him a text message. The message was that I would call the police if he continues to stalk me. He replied and say he was going to leave me alone. You can run into people like this sometimes.

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