How to maintain good credit

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Credit is very important in this world. You’ll need good credit for everything. You’ll need good credit to buy a home or to get a college loan. You’ll need good credit to get a car loan. You’ll need good credit to get a job in some states. This is why you should keep your credit and repair your credit if it’s bad.

Build Credit

You should start young and build your credit. You can get credit cards and then spend little by little with it. If you have five years of credit, it’s better than six months of credit. The first thing that you need to do is to get a credit card. If you have no credit to start with, you can get one with companies like Capital one, Orchard Bank because they accept people with no credit.

Spend Little

You should not max out your credit card right away. You should spend enough but not too much. If you have a high balance, it looks bad too.

Have Only One or Two Credit Cards

You should have one or two credit cards but you shouldn’t have more than that. If you have too many credit cards, it can look bad too.

Pay it Off at the End of the Month

You should pay all of your balance at the end of the month. This will make your credit score increase and you don’t have to pay interest at the

Avoid Late Payments

Late payments will make you have bad credit. It’ll decrease your credit score.

Put it on Your Credit

You should put everything on your credit so that you can build your credit early on. The more you put it on credit, the more credit you will create for yourself.


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