How to Choose The Right Person For You

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There’re some of us that will continue to date men that are not right for us. We do this because we don’t want to be alone or that we don’t know how to select the right man for us. We can run into problems if the man is not right for us. This is why people divorce. They date anyone that comes by and then they divorce a year later with children left behind. It becomes a mess afterward. You don’t need this kind of mess. You need a cleaner dating habit. I have a friend that dated a man who was physically abusive to her and she stayed with him. She ran away eventually but he abused her all those years that she was with him. It wasn’t necessary. She could have avoided that. You should have your limits on what kind of men you will date and who you won’t date. Do you have in mind the kind of men that you will date and won’t date? You should form that image so that you can stay away from men that you don’t want to date.

What is your type?

You have to have a type of man in mind that you’ll date. For example, you like ambitious men who don’t have kids. You like men who talks softly. You like men that graduated from college. You like men that know how to treat a lady.

Five things that you want from your date

You should know what you want out of your date. If you don’t know then you can’t turn the bad ones away. For example, you expect your man to have a job, graduated from college, have no children, free of drugs and alcohol, and have great manners. You would turn a man away if he doesn’t have the five things that you’re looking for.

Five things that will make you say no

Do you have five things that will make you say no? For example, you won’t date a man who’s loud and have temper problem. You won’t date an alcoholic or someone with drugs problems. You won’t date someone who doesn’t have good manners. You won’t date someone who doesn’t have a job.

How to say no

You don’t have to date the next guy that ask you out. You can say no to them. Once you say no, you won’t have to deal with a problematic guy. You don’t have to invite trouble into your problems.

You don’t need to date all the time

You can stay single and do other things with your life like focusing on your career. You don’t have to date all the time. You don’t have to say yes to every guy. You can spend time alone until you meet the right person.


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