Demigod Review for PC

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Even if Demigod is classified as a strategy game, do not expect a title as good as Supreme Commander, with large-scale clashes between hundreds of units. And for good reason, Demigod will seek its inspiration elsewhere, specifically in DotA (Defense of the Ancients), a popular mod for Warcraft III. As a result, the player controls a single character, a hero (or rather a half-god, in this case), the rest of the armies being directed by artificial intelligence. Well, “directed”… Rather say that troops are regularly sent to the breakout pipe on both sides in an automated manner, without further ado. To tip the scales in your favor, you will have to make maximum use of the capabilities of your demigod by managing its powers, buying objects, etc..

Once you have selected a demigod, you’re ready to enter an arena. In total, there are eight demigods, it looks a little skinny… Their design does not save them, although they are very nice (including Exile). Even for a 30 dollar game, it is slight, since there was no single player campaign, just skirmishes and multiplayer games. This lack of content is not the only flaw of the game. For now, let us concentrate on the conduct of a match. Each camp has a presence in town and portals that send regular troops, all well defended by a network of towers. Your goal: to destroy the enemy fortress. But no question of running ball above head, it will not yield to your little demigod level 1. First, you will have to raise the power, and this is why there is nothing better than to take control of some flags across the map. Although optional, these objectives provide valuable bonus that will capture: accelerated regeneration of life or mana, damage increased, control of a gold mine or even a secondary portal, synonymous with additional waves of reinforcements. As the front progresses, the defensive side is becoming denser.

In the end, this formula works quite well, despite some concerns; for example, being unable to click on the mini-map to quickly move the camera to a specific point. Also, the game is rather repetitive (impression reinforced by the famous lack of content). But the main problem of Demigod is not there. It is when we want to play in multiplayer that it really spoils. It lags, it bugs and when we finally managed to miraculously enter a match, it is for being disconnected as it always happens… And despite the release of a first update supposed to improve things. Without going into detail in the circumstances of the drama, the game apparently suffered a premature exit. For a game focused on the multiplayer mode, it is not good… So we suggest you wait one more month until the release of the boxed version, albeit a bit more expensive, but it probably will leave time for developers to fix this problem. If you cannot wait, know that Demigod is still a nice little game, but without great pretensions pleasant time to practice a few games.


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