Renegade University is Contributing to the Downward Spiral of Traditional MLM Tactics?

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Network marketing traininggurus are still teaching the nuts and bolts of how to talk to prospects; but is there anyone out there teaching how to get prospects to talk to? Surprisingly few offer that kind of MLM help.

Building a network marketing business today isn’t the same as it was 20, 15 and even 10 years ago. Technology and the computer-age have made it much more efficient to find prospects to talk to.

And this same computer-age has also made it much more difficult to grab and keep your potential prospect’s attention. There’s just too much going on; too much noise and a lot of people are just getting overloaded with information. If you find yourself struggling to keep more people in your business than are going out…now you know one reason why.

The prospects are out there. There are people who are searching for your product. There are also people searching for your opportunity. They have a problem that they believe you can only fix.

Your job then is to learn how to correctly tap into this pool of prospects; you then want to learn how to keep them engaged long-enough so they can build a relationship with you.

The more well-known network marketing trainers continue to teach as if the Internet doesn’t exist. Obviously there’s still a need to learn how to talk to prospects and build rapport with them.

However, with the decline of the old “traditional” methods of lead generation, like the three foot rule and making a list of everyone you ever met since kindergarten, now more than ever there’s a need to learn how to create leads online.

Renegade University is only one of a handful of training sites on the net that is primarily geared towards training network marketers how to use the Internet for lead generation.

You see, most of the MLM training sites and network marketing gurus tell you what you should be doing without telling how to do it. Or they spend most of the time on showing you how to cold call leads – which is fine if you’re buying opportunity leads and cold calling them; but that’s a declining marketing method not to mention that turns a lot of people off.

This brings us to network marketing training courses like MLM Traffic Formula and Renegade Network Marketer and training system Renegade University. Although marketed as a marketing system, Renegade University has operated underground as training site for entrepreneurs who wanted mlm help in generating traffic and leads.

You can routinely see Renegade students putting their training into action by dominating the search engine results pages…and drawing tons of traffic from social media sites. It’s no fluke that these students end up successful. When you’re shown what to do and why you need to do it, the results will come as long as you put it into action.

Keep this in mind – you don’t need Renegade University to become successful online, but you must learn Internet marketing somewhere so you can begin generating your own leads online.

It bares repeating – whether you buy a high quality training course or get a training system (the latter is more in-depth), you need to get trained what and how to do marketing or else you’re inviting a lot of frustration into your life.

A Lot of Training + A Little Action = Very Little

A Little Training + A Lot of Action = Frustration

A Balance of Training + Consistent Action = Massive Predictable Effortless Success”

– Mike Klingler, creator of marketing training systems

So, which one is more attractive to you?

Once you’ve got the traffic generation down and you’re creating an endless stream of leads, then you need to go to the next step – and that’s building rapport with those leads. And there’s no lack of gurus who will sell you scripts and prospect posturing courses, but without people to talk to it’s just a moot point anyway.

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