Charities You Can Help Without Spending A Dime

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Got a minute or two to spare? You can make a difference in the world today.

If you have an internet connection and a few free moments, make it a habit to visit a few charity sites to help them make a difference:

  • The site has several “click-to-donate” options to choose from to help save endangered wildlife, protect coastal reserves and promote global pollution reduction.
  • The Animal Rescue Site allows visitors to donate simply by clicking their “donate” button on the home page. Daily clicks will be transformed into food and care for rescued animals across the U.S.  Be sure to browse the site for even more ways you can help.
  • When you visit you have the opportunity to donate 1 minute of medical care through the sponsors who advertise on the site, for a patient in the Tarahumara Children’s Hospital in Chihuahua, Mexico.
  • is a great way to spend a few minutes to help end global hunger.  You simply play one of the many games they have available, and with each right answer you choose, a donation of 10 grains of rice is added to the pot.  Game topics include English Vocabulary, Geography, Chemistry and Art.  A few minutes each day can add up to a sack of rice in no time!
  • If you’d like to help distribute bibles throughout the world, use The‘s click-to-donate button. One click sends one bible.

And lastly, want to help spread the word even more?  Send this article to 10 people via e-mail and help spread the word.


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