Safety for your computers Guide

Antivirus is very essential computer software.So we can even afford some money for buying such a software.But nowadays these softwares are being sold at very high prices like 50$-100$ minimum.This is very expensive for everybody to afford.And even if they can afford it,some times they may not have credit cards,visas and debit cards,so they are not able to pay for we can’t get it.And without an antivirus software a computer is always vulnerable to many types of viruses.These viruses slow our computer and eat away some data.This is very frequent and then we format our computer and lose all the data.This is very disturbing for people who work in offices.So they use some freeware antivirus softwares which are sometimes proved to be viruses themselves.As a result the virus attacks the computer in many ways.So every one is forced to buy a good shareware antivirus.

But some times some people try to download these shareware antiviruses by torrents which are frequently reported to be malicious and full of viruses,and again these viruses from the torrents slow the system and we have to format it.Recetly,every antivirus software started giving a free trial version to show some features of those softwares.But as you know these softwares do not have all the features as the original full version and it is also a 15 or 30 day trial version.So i suggest do not use any of these torrents or trials.And i forgot about p2p softwares,These softwares are also full of viruses.

I know a website where you can download these softwares for free.And you can download many other softwares like dvd burning,audio/video players and many others.

The websites are:- have to signup it’s free)

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