Is working online viable and rewarding

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Making money online is very challenging and has plenty of pros and con, but many people have managed a make a fortune and few like me have managed at least make a living out of it. It was two years back when I first started making money online, I started making money from which paid in pennies but is one of the most trusted sites online.  The money that I received from mylot into my paypal inspired me into finding site which paid more, and few months later I stumbled across Google adsense and the concept of making money from adsense.

I stopped by to understand the concept of google adsense and slowly I grasped the whole thing and made some 2000 dollars in a short span of 7-8 months, before I was banned because of sing unfair means for getting in the clicks. After that I again came back to Mylot and started searching for other money making sites and was contributing to the discussion as well making few pennies in the process. Her again I came to learn about site like reviewstream,, , helium ,, etc which paid for article writing.

Since I came across these article writing sites I have been writing constantly for them and make monthly about 300 dollars which I think is fair enough, the normal salary here in India for a graduate is about 10000 and I am making around 15000 INR working online,so I prefer working here were I have freedom and flexibility of work. I work when I want to and stop when it want, don’t have a boss and so really putting in my effort as I am the ultimate gainer here and no one elese profit from my work(except the site I am working for).

It is challenging to write articles daily and quite tedious at times but the payment I receive at the end of the months really inspires me to carry on.


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