Video Games on the PC

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Since consoles first started to become prevalent in the early 2000s PC gaming was always going to take a turn for the worse. Perhaps the golden age of pc gaming was the late 1990s with incredible titles such As Half Life released for the first time. Since then the commercial success of console games has proved to be very high so developers favoured the development of console games as they yielded a higher profit. However this was not the end of PC gaming, with better online capabilities and in terms of connectivity they “own” consoles. World Of Warcraft, probably the most successful online game ever saw that it would only work to its full potential on personal Computer and thus opted for it to be a PC only release. Community is also a major part of PC gaming, with computers offering much better ways to talk to one another (Instant messaging programs etc) staying in touch with gaming friends is a lot easier. The release of the social networking/gaming program “Steam” elevates this even higher allowing you to see what your friends are playing, what they have recently purchased and create/join groups.

Not only the connectivity side of things but the fact remains that consoles are still a lot weaker in terms of graphical power than the top range PCs. For example, Crysis was ONLY release on PC because it was deemed that consoles simply would not be able to cope with the processing power required. In conclusion, PC gaming will not die out any time soon but it will keep coming under threat from profit conscious developers.


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