Should I quit my job and start online earning

A friend of mine asked me whether it is worth quitting her job and start earning online.I had an answer for her and I am sure there are many people out there who are asking the same question.

I thought it was better to put my answer on paper for everyone.

Although there are countless people who have made money online, before you quit your weekly or monthly earning job you should think twice.

In order to make money on line by any program, you must be prepared to take it as serious as the job you are in now. You should also note that this is not easy when you are in your home environment when no boss sitting above you.

Many people who are advertising on line opportunities only mention the other side of being comfortable in your home environment and working with no boss. The truth is that it is a very challenging situation if you need to make a living wage!

Some of the factors which will contribute to your success will include:

  • Full dedication
  • Put in a lot of time (Some times you have to put in more time than the job you have quit!)
  • Put in a lot of effort(Some times you put in more effort than in the job you have quit)
  • Be prepared to spend some money on training or training material and also some money when joining or upgrading in some programs.
  • Plan your online business or activities properly before quitting the formal job.
  • Look at your strength and weakness and then decide on whether to quit your current job for online earning.
  • Get all the info about your planned online business or activities.
  • Identify the target market and then most effective marketing strategies(Note that even if you are earning by clicking adverts, you will only be able to earn a living wage by referring people to this program)
  • You must start networking to get more traffic to either your personal site or your affiliate site/link .The net working will also help you to get referrals or customers.
  • You should have communication skills. Communication is very important to your clients and in some programs; they allow you to communicate to your referrals.
  • Keep up to date on new ways of making money online. I am sure this factor has also been very important in your present job.
  • You must have the patience as it might take about 2 months or even much more to make small amount of money on line. Hence you should also consider your monthly commitments which you have to pay in order to avoid have “bad debts”
  • For my colleagues in Africa, you should get cheap internet connection as you could be incurring loose on online business or activities because of the expense of running internet.
  • You must have organizational skills in order to manage all your activities in a day and also to be able to set your priorities.
  • You must have financial management skills in order to manage your income as far as advertising is concerned and also allocating funds to join other programs. You should note that in order to get reasonable income or even to become “rich” on online business you might need to join many programs and even upgrade in some of them. Payment is needed in order to upgrade in most programs.

Hence ,before you quit your paying job, equip your self with some of the above mentioned skills ,plan ,solicit all the info about what you could like to do online .For sure ,it is possible to be a very successful online entrepreneur .Otherwise ,if you are not prepared to put in more time and effort even more than your present job ,please do not quit your current job!!.

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