Tips For Colouring Hair

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Nowadays, it has become a trend to colour  our hair in various different shades, but we have to be careful while choosing   colours  as wrong hair colour choice can make us look worse. Some people colour to hide their grey hair, some just loves to highlight their hair, while some totally change their natural hair colour to completely change their image.

First decide, which hair dye you want to use, is it temporary, semi-permanent or permanent product. Then go for the colour, as to which colour suits you best, before choosing that you have to keep in mind that the colour should go well with your skin tone and eyes. If you have already applied heena hair dye, then don’t go for  chemical colours, as heena hair dyes are organic based colours that don’t mix well with  chemicals.

Keep away from the pool and ocean as neither chlorine nor sea salt mixes well with chemical hair colours.

Use shampoos that made for colour treated hair to keep it soft and natural. Avoid regular shampoos as it strips  colour and moisture from your hair.

Deep condition your hair, atleast once in two weeks so as to restore moisture and shine to colour treated hair.

Blot your hair dry after shampooing, don’t rub your hair roughly and wrap with a towel.

Remove all the tangles with your fingers in downward strokes, never use a brush on wet hair.


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